September 24, 2018

MCU's Fantastic Four

I'm a Fantastic Four fan. The same type of love I share for the Superman in DC Comics, I share for Marvel's super family. When I started reading it, John Byrne was in charge of the team and She-Hulk was replacing The Thing temporarily. Great stories! But the classic original team with Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch and The Thing was always my favorite. And Doctor Doom, one of the greatest villains ever.

I was very excited about the FOX Movies. Believe me, after that horrible unreleased 1994 version I believed they could do no wrong. But they did.

The cast was OK, but they made like a series of stupid jokes and a Doctor Doom so underwhelming I thought they could, at least, try to do a better job in the sequel. They didn't.

After messing up beyond any fixing they decided to go for a reboot. It's a way to make things correct this time, right? Wrong! The reboot is such a piece of trash they didn't even deserve being called Fantastic Four. One of the worst screenplays I've ever seen. So bad they decided to cancel the sequel. One. Good. Decision. At. Least.

And I really hope to see the rights reverted to Marvel Studios. And you know what? I would love to have a shot at writing it!

Do I believe I would do a better job than the previous writers did. Yes, I would. You know why? Because I love those characters and I'm a fan, so I would do something that would honor the Fantastic Four. It's not "A Fantastic Four you've never seen before", but "A Fantastic Four you've been waiting to see".

So, let's go to my ideas! After all, that's a movie I would love to write.

___Meet Marvel's first superhero team___

New York Armageddon: Fantastic Four faces Galactus

20 years in the past - Before the so-called Avenger's battle of New York, there was New York Armageddon when an epic battle took place in Manhattan. The Fantastic Four, a superhero team born just three years before, faced their biggest enemy then: Galactus, the devourer of worlds.  It was an intense battle, that just reached a happy ending because Galactus' herald, the Silver Surfer, decided to turn his back on his master and help mankind. Immediately after Galactus is defeated the Fantastic Four left Earth to help Silver Surfer rebuild his world, promising to come back as soon as possible.

Cut to the movie opening:

Opening - As a reporter talks about the Fantastic Four's departure, some other scenes are overlaid as TV reports or newspaper articles: The space trip tragedy in which Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue and Johnny Storm were the only survivors; their first time showing their powers; Fantastic Four in their classic suits; fighting Doctor Doom at the U.N. and Namor at the harbor; Reed and Sue getting married; New York's Armageddon; they leaving in a spaceship; and, last, a newspaper article with a picture of the team and the question: "10 years later - What happened to the Fantastic Four?"

Emily Blunt as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman
John Krasinski as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic
Present Days - A MET Gala, promoted by Stark Industries, celebrates Alicia Masters' life and work. As a blind woman, Alicia became famous for her lifelike real people sculptures. Celebrities from all over the world attend the event, since seeing Alicia in public is such a rare opportunity. She walks around, talk nice and politely to people, but her attention is drawn to her favorite pieces: the Fantastic Four sculptures. As a group of teenagers approaches her, she talks about the pieces and the heroes who inspired it. It seems life has lost its meaning for her when they left. She caresses the Things's sculpture. People don't think about the Fantastic Four anymore... They are treated like myth, bedtime stories.

The building starts shaking for a couple of second, followed by the lights going off and back on. Everyone start looking to their phones and TV sets: An alien spaceship landed in the Atacama desert, Chile. The military is ready to attack it, since they don't know whether it's friendly or not. For their surprise, six people leave the spaceship: Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Reed and Sue Richards, along with their children, Franklin and Valeria.

The return of the Fantastic Four, 20 years later, give them celebrity status. Everyone wants to know everything about them. How did they survive in space for so long? Why did it take so many years for them to come back? How did Ben Grimm returned to his human form? What the kids, Franklin (10) and Valeria (6), are thinking about Earth so far?

The whole family together

Too many questions, but the group avoids talking to the press. Pepper Potts introduces them back to the Baxter Building, with Tony Stark's compliments. Being back to their old home feels emotional and weird at the same time. Franklin doesn't like Earth very much and misses Agatha, an alien babysitter he had and became part of the family, but couldn't come back with them. There's something mysterious about the time they spent in Space and they don't talk about it. However, it's clear it is something related to Sue for the way she reacts every time someone mentions it. Now the world has changed a lot. They used to be the only super heroes, now there are lots of them in the planet.

Drew Barrimore as Alicia Masters
Nick Fury, who dealt with the group before, comes to the Baxter Building to understand what part the Fantastic Four will be playing in this new reality. They say they don't know yet, but they have no plans to resume their activities as superheroes. Nick says they will have a place among the Avengers if any of them decides to.

Not everyone is happy about the group's return. In the UN, Lucia Von Bardas, Latveria's Prime Minister, is worried about the family's silence. Also, the ship they returned to Earth was dismantled and the pieces are in the Baxter Building. Lucia thinks they shouldn't have sole access to all the alien technology. She believes the technology should be shared with all the other nations. Someone says they have some nerves to claim anything since it's known Latveria has been creating new weapons and, since it's a closed country people know nothing about, they also fear for what is hidden there. "As long as we continue the camaraderie there's nothing you should fear," says Victor Von Doom standing up. Even without his armor, his presence silences the room. He takes Lucia's place and explains he believes America is not the most trustworthy county to keep the alien knowledge, since the Ultron menace, that almost destroyed a whole nation a few years before, was created in an American lab by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.
Bryan Cranston as Doctor Doom
Alicia Master pays a visit to her friends and everyone is happy to see her. She touches Ben's face and although she doesn't fully recognize him without the rocks, his voice is still the same. Reed and Sue leave for a meeting with the President in Washington, while Johnny is taking care of the kids. Ben and Alicia kiss, for the first time, and he explains her he learned in how to shift between his human and rock forms. It's an evolution of his powers. She asks questions about the time he was aways and that makes Ben really uncomfortable. He tells her one day he will be able to talk about the whole thing... But that is not the day.

Boris Kodjoe as Ben Grimm/The Thing
Johnny is playing with the kids in the Central Park. Since Franklin didn't grown on Earth, he doesn't understand most of the games and kids are mean to him. He goes back to where Johnny and Valeria are and says he hates everything about this planet, because it's dirty and people are selfish. Johnny says everything will be better once they get used to living in NYC. As they leave, Franklin looks at the kids and the ball they are playing with suddenly turns into a monster thing that scares them. Franklin smiles. "You shouldn't do that," says Johnny, smiling. "But they had it coming!". Johnny likes when a group of girls ask him for pictures, although he gets confused with the 'selfie' word. “It’s today’s autographs, Silly,” they explain.
Zac Efron and Johnny Storm/Human Torch
At a dinner event in the White House, the President says he's happy with the family's return. The couple, however, gets surprised to see Victor Von Doom among the guests. The President explains Victor helped the country during an emergency and got amnesty for his previous faults. He prefers to have Victor, being the mastermind he is, as an ally rather than an enemy.
Victor approaches them, very polite, and as they talk it is clear they don't like or trust each other. Victor says they are hiding more than they are revealing. Especially the reason for their return. He reads Sue's expression and decides he's right. Reed asks him to leave them alone and says that he cannot believe the world trusts him now. "No, old friend, they don't trust me. They never will," he smiles. "They fear me! I see it in their eyes every time I have to shake their hands. And fear is better than trust, I learned. It advises them not to be stupid and keep a safe distance from my country! Have a good night, you two". He goes to the airport and before getting into a private plane back to Latveria, he asks Lucia to keep close attention to the people living in the Baxter Building upper levels.

Von Doom observes Latveria.
Even with all the technology he possess, his people still live as if they were in the middle age.

In Latveria, a group of rebels is protesting against Doom's dictatorship. The guards arrive. They try to escape, but the guards catch them. One the protesters is taken to Doom's presence while the others are executed for everyone to see. Doom tortures him, trying to know where the rebel alliance is hiding. Since he doesn't reveal anything, Doom uses one of his creations: A machine that allows Doom to get inside someone's brain and visit his memories. He gets the location of the rebels, but the man doesn't survive it. Doom says the machine needs a few adjustments. He goes to the castle's dungeons to talk to the Royal Family (King, Queen and two young Princes) and tells them he took over the power to have his revenge against King Vladimir, who happened to be his father and also his mother's killer. He just didn't execute the Royal Family because he wanted them to see Latveria's rise as world's most powerful country. He asks his men to take the older Prince to his lab for him to try some new ideas with him. Also, he shows them the rebels location and tell his guards they should all be hung in the city's main square to serve as an example.
Jacob Tremblay as Franklin Richards
There's an Earthquake and Johnny decides to help on his own, as Human Torch. Even being a little out of practice, he is able to save a lot of people. As he comes back home he's reprimanded by Reed. He says he wants to be a hero again and he's willing to accept the invitation to join the Avengers. Although he loves his family, he thinks they are in a toxic relationship and he's not sure he wants to go on living like that. Ben has mixed feeling about going back as hero or living a normal life with Alicia; he wants to propose her marriage. Franklin listens to all the argument and as he gets upset, the family notices the ceiling bending. Sue manages to calm him down, but he says he'll find a way to go back home. Sue says they are home. "That's home for you! I have no fault you messed it all back in Zenn-La! I want to come back". Lucia gets in the building in time to see the end of the argument. Reed asks what she is doing there and she says she got a permission from the White House to inspect the remains of the spaceship.
Reed conducts her through his lab and shows her there's nothing there can be seen as weapon, but she says there's a lot there that can be turned into a weapon. "In a psychopath's hands maybe. Not mine!". "Well," she says, "Twenty years turned Victor Von Doom into a respectable leader. It can turn someone into a psychopath, especially if this person is living far from any Earthly jurisdiction. I heard your son saying you messed things in... What's the name? Zenn-La! What happened there, Mr. Richards?". As he doesn't answer and escorts her out of the building, Lucia calls Doom to say that the best way to get the answers they want is by using the Richards kids. And she has the perfect distraction in mind. He agrees and in the background the Prince is screaming, while he's being turned into a kind of machine. The sound of his screams makes Lucia uncomfortable, but she soon comes back to herself.
Fantastic Four ready for the action

A group of terrorists invade Grand Central Station, in NYC. Since the Avengers are not in the city and it's a menace too big for the Defenders, the President asks the Fantastic Four to help. They get the new, modern, blue and white uniforms, and get into the Station. "Who the hell are you?"asks one of the terrorists. "Don't you know us?" says Mr. Fantastic. "We're the Fantastic Four, bitch!" says the Human Torch. They fight the terrorists, who have increased stamina and strength. Sue tells Reed they may be meta-humans, but as Ben smashes one of them they realize they are dealing with cyborgs.
Since Doom doesn't trust people very much, his most reliable guards are actually machines known as Doombots
In the Baxter Building a jet lands in the roof. Doom, wearing his brand new threatening armor, surrounded by his Doombots, invades the Fantastic Four floor. Alicia, who's babysitting, tries to fight Doom and protect the children, but she's seriously wounded. Franklin and Valeria get scared and the boy's powers makes all the Doombots melt or explode. "You! You, my boy, is the secret your parents are keeping!". He manages to grab Valeria and tells Franklin that if he wants his sister to live, he'd better come with him.

As the Fantastic Four realizes the leader of the Terrorists Cyborgs is Lucia Van Bardas, a Cyborg herself, they run back home and find Alicia almost dead.

Priyanka Chopra as Lucia Von Bardas
In the hospital they wonder if Victor understands the type of powers he's dealing with. Franklin has more abilities that they really know. Nick Fury wants to know how dangerous it can be if Doom access Franklin's powers and they say it can help the dictator achieve world domination. Fury decides to send the Avengers to Latveria, but Reed says it’s the Fantastic Four's responsibility. They tell  Nick that while pregnant, Sue's powers started to grown unexplainably and, once Franklin was born, it reached full destruction level and it was like Sue was not even there anymore (MARVEL STUDIOS' version of the Dark Phoenix). That's why they took too long to come back home. They were looking for a way to stop Sue. Now she's afraid her evil personality, known as Malice, will come back to take over. Nick says he will give them one chance to fight Doom; if they fail, the Avengers will intervene. Ben asks Nick to take care of Alicia and he says she's going to be transferred to a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.

In the castle, Doom uses his mind machine to get into Franklin's mind and sees a lot of what happened in Space: Sue gone rogue, destroying a whole alien civilization; Franklin being taken care by an old alien woman; Reed, Johnny, Ben and the Silver Surfer defeating Sue; Sue in prison, being helped by a younger Franklin, who hated the alien guards... At the end of the session, Doom manages to make Franklin sees him as Agatha, the old woman who took care of him in Space. In a monitor they see Valeria, locked in room, but Franklin doesn't seem to recognize her.

As the Fantastic Four arrives in Latveria, they are attacked by the protection system that takes their jet down. They survive thanks to Sue, who creates a force field around them. They also prevent the guards from killing a group of rebels but it catches the attention of the dangerous Doombots, which they have to face in order to get to Doom's castle.

As they get there, they find Doom sat on his throne with Franklin on his lap. The boy doesn't recognize them. Reed talks about Lucia and he says he turned the real Lucia into a cyborg when he realized she was plotting against him to help the Royal Family; that way he would have her full obedience. Sue tries to reach out for her son, but Doom tells him they are the guards who imprisoned his mother and that's what he sees. He attacks his family using his powers.

As Ben, as the Thing ,makes his way close to Doom, the villain points to a monitor and he sees Valeria locked in a room. Doom presses as bottom in his armor and the room starts to be filled with water. Ben leaves Doom to go save the girl as Johnny joins him.

As Sue tries to convince Franklin they're not the enemy, Reed and Doom engage in a fight.

Franklin is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe

Ben and Johnny get to the dungeons. They rescue the Royal Family, that tell them Valeria is an even lower level. However, before they can reach for her, they are attacked by Dr. Doom's ultimate Cyborg, a gigantic one. The Queen scream in horror and despair, as she recognizes in that creature her son, taken by Doom a few days before. Now the former Prince is a killing machine.

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, while Alicia sleeps, what's left of Lucia after the battle in NYC is reconstructing herself with the other cyborg pieces. She gets to her feet, ready for mayhem.

Reed faces Doctor Doom

Franklin is attacking Sue, who's just defending herself not to hurt her son. Doom is losing the fight against Reed, who is not allowing his former-friend to strike back. That's when Doom asks Franklin to make him stronger. The kid uses his powers to give Dr. Doom special abilities like flying and super strength. "You have to stop controlling him!" asks Sue, desperate, "We don't know yet how strong Franklin's powers can get!". "That's what I'm willing to find out!" laughs Doom.

While Ben is fighting violently the Prince-Cyborg, Johnny opens the entrance for the lower level. Valeria is already under the under, maybe dead. With the help of the King, they swim to her rescue. The Cyborg grabs Ben and ignites his rockets, taking the fight out of the castle.

Ben and Johnny to the action

Lucia attacks and kills everyone in her way. Nick tries to stop her, but can't. Since she killed communication, he can't even call any other hero. He runs to the medical area. Alicia wakes up, kind of lost, hearing the noises of shots and screams. She is scared. As she leaves the room, Lucia is knocking Nick out, but she doesn't kill him because she recognizes another target: Alicia. The sculptor notices something is going on and runs through the emergency stairs, all the way to the roof.

Johnny is trying to bring Valeria back by applying CPR, which doesn't seem to be working.

In the city, the battle between Ben and the Prince-Cyborg is reaching destructive level. As the citizens run for cover, everything around them is used in the fight. The Cyborg even lifts a whole house and throws it against Ben, who manages to go through it. The battle goes on and it's impressive.

Franklin's powers increase and he loses control of them. He lifts the castle in the air. As Doom defeats Reed, Sue has not other option and, enraged, her eyes turn to red as her powers starts reaching another level. "Malice is here," says Doom, amazed. Her powers change her uniform into something more aggressive, even evil, as she faces her own son.

Sue Richards turned into Malice

Valeria responds to the CPR, spits the water and wakes up. The Queen asks what's happening when all the castle starts shaking. "I fear it's my sister..." says Johnny. He leaves his niece with her and, back to flames, flies to help his family.

In the roof of the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, Alicia, bleeding again, is trying to hide from Lucia. She throws a rock and as Lucia's attention is drawn to it, Alicia grabs an iron bar and hits her as much as she can, managing to destroy one of her arms, the one turned into a weapon. However, with the other arm, Lucia grabs her neck and takes her to the edge of the roof. "I must say," Lucia smiles, "I was never a huge fan of your work. But I guess I should get one piece, since they're going to be very valuable from now on!". Alicia, still holding the iron bar, reunites all her strength and sticks it into Lucia's head. The cyborg falls, while Nick and his men get in the roof. "Good job, Mrs. Masters!"he says, kind of amazed, kind of surprised, "Great job!". He helps Alicia back to the building while his men take care of Lucia's remains.

"It's clobbering time!" roars Ben, going all the way against the Prince-Cyborg. The creature even fights back, but he's not powerful enough to defeat Ben and is knocked out. Ben, exhausted, let himself to the ground right beside him.

Reed and Johnny fight Dr. Doom. It's a difficult battle, thanks to the villain's new powers, but the heroes have more experience dealing with special abilities and end up taking him down. They have other problems, though.

Sue and Franklin fight each other in a very intense battle. As she throws the kid against a wall, he recovers control over his mind and is scared to see his mother enraged again and with no control of her powers. As Franklin calls her "mom", something inside her clicks and her attention is drawn to Doctor Doom. With her powers, she destroys his armor piece by piece and she is about to kill him when Franklin uses his powers to knock her out and put the castle back to the ground. He also removes Doom's powers.
Ben goes back to the castle as they all gather around Sue. Reed asks Franklin to block her mother's rage. He says he can't do it. "You've done it before," Reed says. "You can do it again! We trust you!". Crying, Franklin goes inside his mother's mind and finds a demoniac version of Malice in there. They fight and the kid raises a cage around her and pushes it to a dark bottomless cliff. He opens his eyes and, still crying, hugs his father.
Fantastic Four Forever

A few days later - Sue wakes up in the Baxter Building medical area by herself. As she walks to the living room all the family, including Alicia, is there and they get happy to see her well. Alicia shows her engagement ring as she decided to become Mrs Ben Grimm. Sue holds her husband and kids, while Johnny, in flames, goes out. She asks what happened to Doom.

In Latveria, Doom is judged by the King and sentenced to life in prison, with no access to technology and with no people allowed to talk to him ever. "You should kill me" he says simply. "We're not murders like you," the king replies. "And that's your biggest mistake, my dear king". As he is escorted to the prison chambers, he smiles. He already has a plan.


Middle Credits Scene - Johnny is fling all over Manhattan and stops at the top of Chrisler building. Someone says: "I heard what you and your family did in Latveria. That was pretty cool!". As Johnny turns his back, Spider-Man is there. "Better saying, that was Fantastic. If you're not busy, I could use some help!". Johnny smiles and screams "Flame on!", as he follows Spider-Man.
Spider-Man and Human Torch

End Credits Scene - In Space, a new planet is assembled with pieces of several other planets. In the middle of it, assembling the pieces, is the Beyonder. "Let the games begin!", he simply says.

The Beyonder

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