July 05, 2018

Catwoman #1 (2018) - Review

Joelle Jones takes over DC’s femme fatale

One of the negative aspects of DC’s transition from the New 52 to Rebirth was the cancellation of a few titles people loved. Catwoman was a good example of it. DC has always done really well with Selina’s alter ego, starting with her 1st solo limited series in 1989 (which I consider a masterpiece and her absolute origin story, no matter what retcon they try to push on us), going to other new series in 1993, 2002 and 2011. The creative teams always knew how to take care of Gotham City’s favorite cat burglar. One thing I have to admit: DC always knew when to end a series and when to start a new one. Catwoman always shows up when needed.

I’m not a villain, not yet a hero

The new series picks up a week after the wedding fiasco. Selina is doing what she does best: she survives. Living in the Wayne’s Manor luxury is something from the past. She now lives in a warehouse in Villa Hermosa and still can’t get over her own decision to call the wedding quits. However, something happens to bring her mind back to the game: she is being accused of murder. It didn’t take long for her to find out a copycat is acting in the city, trying to destroy her already chipped reputation. But who’s is behind this copycat? Or should we say copycats?

A new suit is introduced

Joelle Jones story and art is helped by Laura Allred’s colors. Together, the team has a hard mission to help Selina move one with her life, but not going so far she can’t be reached by the ones who care about her. One of the greatest assets of this first issue is the debut of a new suit. Catwoman has been using variations of the same suit created by Jim Lee since 2002 (by the way, my favorite suit of her entire career). With a new life, and new challenges, ahead of her it was time to try something different. The new piece is reminiscent of the suit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. If it’s gonna stick like her previous one only time will tell.

The only thing I can tell for sure is that this Catwoman’s 5th series deserves your entire attention. Something tells me DC has still a lot in the works for Selina Kyle.

Enjoy a preview: 

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