June 21, 2016

Do Not Disturb! - A Disturbing Horror Tale

Imagine waking up, tight to a bed, with a complete stranger in the same situation, knowing there's someone, something, preying on you somewhere in the darkness. That's the starting point of Do Not Disturb!, an original short horror movie directed by P. Tavares, a Brazilian director who's been in love with the genre for a long time.

The movie has all the qualities we expect from a thriller: Good plot, actors prepared to deliver a believable performance and a gloomy atmosphere that will make you think about it for days to come. Especially after the disturbing ending.

Can I give you a tip? Turn off the lights, get cozy, enjoy your trip and, if you notice something watching you from behind, bear in mind your imagination sometimes can be tricky. Or maybe not... Dare to look!

Do Not Disturb! has already won a few awards and the producers are planning on turning it into a feature film, with a brand new screenplay written by Tavares.

So, hit play and enjoy! If you want to have more information about the movie, check HERE.

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