June 01, 2016

Batman Rebirth #1 - Review

Scott Snyder and Tom King, the main writers behind Batman's new phase, join forces in this rebirth special to give us a taste of what's coming for the Dark Knight.

Some of the aspects we love about Batman are back: Bruce Wayne is totally back in shape and with great motivation to be the caped crusader,  after the events from his previous series. Also, thanks to the "magic" performed many times by Lucius Fox, he has his business affairs back. Alfred is another one who got his groove back, working as both Bruce and Batman's servant once again. And the mansion is ready for another newcomer: young Duke Thomas.

Duke is a great character who we met on the pages of Zero Year and saw him growing to become the leader of a teenager squad in the 12-issue-run of We are Robin. He also had roles in Batman & Robin Eternal and Robin War. Duke and Harper Row, the Bluebird, were the fans favorite to become the new sidekicks, the new Robins. However, why would DC Universe need a new Robin at all when Damian is still holding the title and Tim will return to the pages of Detective Comics to be fighting side-by-side his mentor. What we need for Duke is something new.

And that's exactly what the creative team is giving us. Batman, in his own words, is trying something new and presents Duke with a black and yellow suit, holding a bat symbol on the chest. His new name, though, is yet to be revealed, but his training already began here with the menace of the Calendar Man.

The villain now has a more interesting aspect to it: his body works with the seasons. He gets old and dies during winter time, just to reborn during spring, when he emerges from his old body a little different from before, wiser, and holding the experiences from his previous self. "How are we supposed to combat someone who is able to come back better every time?", asks Duke. As Bruce answers: "We come back better each time, too". And this sentence sums up all the DC Comics' feelings and hopes for this rebirth initiative: They are coming back better!


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