May 02, 2016

The Angels: A personal project

I have decided to share with you my personal project: My romance. It was originally written in Portuguese, my mother tongue, and now I decided to translate it to English. Those characters I created became a very intimate part of me and I would love to have your feedback.

Also, if you like it, share with the ones you believe would share your good taste :-)

I will try to post a new chapter every week, since the translation process is not as easy as I first thought. Thanks for joining the ride!

The Angels are here...

What would you do if you found out the world as we know it is coming to an end? What would you do if you knew Lucifer is putting his son on Earth to rule us? What would you do if there was an Order, created by Nostradamus, ready to lead the Antichrist to power? What would you do if you were chosen to be part of a group to fight it? What would you do if it meant to be different from everyone else? What would you do if you could get into a dangerous adventure? What would you do if it meant you could die? What would you do if it meant everyone you most care about would suffer? Would you go ahead? Would you shy away?

In The Angels and the Order of Nostradamus we meet a group of young people who won’t turn their backs after discovering there’s an ancient Order out there, ready to bring the Antichrist to the power. Andy, Alice, William, Victor and Christine, known as the Angels, will have to face a lot of challenges on the way to prevent the Order from succeeding. Those challenges include Demons, werewolves, dark spirits, powerful society people and even their own personalities. From the very beginning, thirteen years in the past in Jerusalem, to the climax in New York in present days, we are taken into a dangerous ride that will change the world.

From now on, every Monday night, I will post the chapters from the first of the seven novels. But now, let's meet the characters:


 ___ Andy and William ___

Andy Parsons is a hero, although he hates it. He moved from Brazil to start a new life with his little sister, Michelle, after their mother's death. He became friends with Alice, an immigrant like him, and, in order to make money, they start robbing supermarkets during the night. He's laid back and funny, only caring about three things: himself, Michelle and Alice - He would do anything for these girls. However, one night he finds himself in the middle of a confrontation between the Angels and the Order of Nostradamus. Now he has to take a stand for his life is never going to be the same.

William Mason had always been a geek and no one is better than him when it comes to computers. That's how he was invited to join the Angels in first place. Nowadays, William is an important piece of the Angels and the one everybody goes after when they need a straight answer. He's British and is the only member of the team with a happy and complete family.

___ Alice and Selina ___

Alice Guiet is a French girl who has made wrong decisions all her life. She moved to The U.S. following an abusive boyfriend, but was saved from the streets by Andy, who taught her how to defend herself. She knows Andy is very protective of her and, even being in love with him, she's afraid of letting him know that and spoil their friendship. Enough of wrong decisions for her!

Selina Carmichael is one of the mentors and head of the Angels, following her parents' last wish to assemble a team that could fight the evil forces. She gave up all her life, her career, to dedicate herself to her parents' dream and nothing can stop this woman. Sometimes strict and restless, Selina is a person who is more passionate for the ones around her than she likes to show.

___ Victor and Esperanza ___

Victor Jones is an egotistical young American man and the Angels' field leader. He doesn't accept making mistakes at all and he's always pushing people to their limits. Being a control freak is a way to redeem himself since he feels guilty: his father, Thomas Jones, is one of the richest men in the world and the main sponsor of the Order of Nostradamus. He accepts Alice with open arms, but he just doesn't like Andy. In his opinion, there's something wrong about this Brazilian guy and it's impossible for him to trust him.

Esperanza is this closed girl, who was born and raised in an Italian nunnery. Her best friend was always Amethyst, a Harpy Eagle she rescued and took care of. She has her private reasons to fight the Order and when she joins the Angels she suspects everyone, but specially Andy. She doesn't share much about her with other people, but all the information she gets about the Order is always useful and help the Angels out of darkness. 

___ Lotus and Christine ___

Lotus was raised by a clan of ninjas in Japan. Although she has no desire to be an Angel, she eventually helps the team as a respectable ally. She's very fond of Andy and their partnership is going to be well explored in a close future.

Christine Kumalo was the only child of a South African diplomat and survived a plane crash that killed her parents. As an orphan, Christine learned at a very early age how to take care of herself and how to fight to survive in the streets of Johannesburg. She started working hard and dedicating herself to study and leave her past behind. However, once she crossed paths with Selina her life changed entirely and the Angels became her new family.

___ Cris and Marcia ___

Cristovão 'Cris' Santiago was a Languages student in the University of Coimbra, in Portugal, when he met Samuel and Marion Carmichael. Cris was taken to the U.S. where he became Carmichael Family's man of trust. He helped the couple to create De Angelis Arc, a bookstore that would be the Angels' headquarters, but their sudden death put the plans on hold until he could meet Selina and introduce her to her parents actual last will: the Angels initiative. Nowadays, besides being Selina's second-handed man, he's also married to her daughter, Marcia.

Marcia Carmichael is Selina's daughter and the third mentor of the Angels. She's also a doctor but uses her abilities and knowledge to help the Angels. Like her husband, Cris, she was trained to also be a valuable fighter in the field when needed.


___ Scarlet Master ___

There's not much we know about the Scarlet Master besides the fact he's really old and the head of the Order of Nostradamus. His main objective is to bring Lucifer's power to the Earth and to do so he needs to join five powerful artifacts long lost: The Cross of Agony (Created by Lucifer himself to celebrate Jesus' death), Mary Magdalene's veil (used by her to clean the blood off of Jesus' body), the Crown of Thorns, Joseph of Arimathea's jar (where he collected Jesus' blood) and The Book of Days (Jesus' personal journals). Possessing those five sacred items, he would be able to perform the ceremony that will bring the evil to the world in its human form.

___ The Reapers ___

The Reapers are the members of the Order of Nostradamus. The importance in the Order is determined by the the vestments' colors: Scarlet is only used by the supreme master; Purple is used by  the most important members such as influential people and also sponsors; Burnt Sienna is used for the general members, the ones who still have to prove themselves and/or members in a trial basis.

___ Thomas Jones ___

Thomas Jones is not a man who can be ignored. He was the son of Jeremiah Jones, a farmer who raised an empire thanks to the Order of Nostradamus. Thomas is the most influential and important man in the East Coast, the third wealthiest man in the world, and uses all his power to help the Scarlet Master. He would stop for nothing and wouldn't think twice before destroying the Angels. Even if it means destroying his own son, Victor.

___ Adam ___

Adam is Lucifer's son. However, to be recognized as his legitimate heir, Adam needs to take part in the Order's ceremony. If the Angels can't stop it, Adam and Lucifer will be one, sharing the same conscience and powers.

___ The Shadow Trinity ___

SophiaSimone and Selene, the Shadow Trinity, are three powerful witches who can never die. They were cursed with immortality, stuck in their bodies for all the eternity. Sophia is an old woman who sees her body getting more and more tired every day; Selene is a beautiful woman who can't love since no man is allowed among the witches and she can't go on without her sisters; and Simone is a grown woman stuck in a 8-year-old child body. They are Lucifer's slaves and think that, by helping the Order, they will get a ticket out of this existence. 

All the art was developed by Guillermo Costa

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