May 06, 2016

Movie Bug - 10 Movies From the 80s You Know You Love

It was difficult to pick only 10 movies from the 80s I loved and I know you love too. However, I didn't want this list to be incredibly big. Big... Isn't it a cool movie from the 80s with Tom Hanks? Yes... Oh, my God! This decade is so rich for Pop Culture. If I close my eyes I can remember the clothing, the heavy make-up, the music...

The 80s was a fantastic time to be a kid. Yes, there was no Internet. Cell Phones only in the most outrageous Sci-fi movie! And I survived. I survived with great memories of play days with friends and birthday parties at the movie theater. Can you believe that? It was so cool back in the day to go watch a movie with your friends in your birthday... And here are some of the movies that are part of these tender memories.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Indiana Jones was my first action hero. I really wanted to be part of the adventure. This movie was full of references to History and humanity mysteries... And there was nothing cooler than Indiana and his whip, fighting the bad guys. It was also the first time I heard of a man named Steven Spielberg, who would become my all time favorite director. It was the first in a series of five movies (the 5th one is hitting the theaters in 2019. Yes, Harrison Ford is on board!) and also originated a great TV Show, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

E.T. (1982)
Steven Spielberg once again. This time he tells the story of an E.T. who gets lost on Earth and finds shelter and friendship with Eliot, a young boy who lives with his mother and little sister. The movie captivated audiences all over the world and don't worry if you cry during its ending: Everyone does. The classic scene with the flying bike is one of my favorites and it became as classic as the movie itself. 

Ghostbusters (1984)
This movies joins two subjects I love: Paranormality and comedy! When ghosts start to haunt New York City, citizens have no option but to call the Ghostbusters, a group of scientists who created a way to "arrest" and "lock up" the supernatural beings. However, a gateway to another dimension is open and their job gets complicated.

I think this was the movie that first made me fall in love with NYC. When I first came here I went all around its locations, starting with the public library. I'm kind of excited for the all-women reboot, no matter what people are saying.

Back to the Future (1985)
Martin McFly, a guy who, thanks to time machine created by his friend, Doc Brown, as a DeLorean car, goes back in the past and got stuck there. Now he has to make a younger version of his parents fall in love with each other, so he can exist, and at the same time he has to go back to the future to save Doc Brown's life. 

Does it seem cool? Yes, it is. It sounds like a bunch of great characters in a damn good movie? You bet it is. So, if you've never seen it... What are you fu****g waiting for?

The Goonies (1985)
Just. The. Coolest. Movie. Ever. And, man, I mean, EVER!!! The Goonies was my childhood obsession and believe me when I say I saw this movie a couple of hundred times. Just last week, to be honest. I wanted to be a Goonie! They were a group of regular next door friends, who find out one of them is about to lose his house and will have to move. However, they find a map with the promise of a long lost treasure that can help his family. That's when the group decide to go look for it. They just don't know a peculiar criminal family is also looking for the treasure and it will make their journey even more dangerous. Could it be better? Yes, if it had a great sequel with the whole original cast. Nothing would make me happier.

The Breakfast Club (1985)
Five high school students, with different styles and backgrounds, sharing a Saturday at detention, decide to share their life stories. Now these people, who believed they had nothing in common, will start seeing each other differently and school may never be the same. 

I had two crushes in this movie: Molly Ringwald, with her beautiful red hair, and Anthony Michael Hall, the nerd.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
I wanted Ferris to be my best friend for life. I wonder what would be like, growing up, to have a friend like him, willing to break all the rules for a single fun day. Everything about this movie is so fun and engaging, but the parade sequence deserves the cake. If you saw the movie, and I bet you did, you know what I'm talking about. Matthew Broderick... He was just so right for this role. Just so right!

Dirty Dancing (1987)
Ok, it's a chick flick, I know, but it's so good. The story of a young girl, Baby, who wants to make the most of her summer, but ends up in a boring resort with her parents, is very appealing. Especially because of the sexy dance instructor, Johnny, who decides to turn the girl into his new partner, even against her parents' will. The chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze is electrifying, enhanced by the awarded soundtrack. It's impossible to listen to 'Ive had the time of my life' and don't think about the movie climax.

Mannequin (1987)
It's a romantic story. An artist finds out the mannequin from the store he works for is actually a beautiful woman under an ancient spell. Night after night, they create beautiful windows that help improve the business by attracting more clients. However, not everyone is happy with what's happening and their love story is about to face another threat. 

It's a very sweet movie and still powerful with audiences. I played it for some of my students when I was in Brazil to explain the fairytale style and, believe me, they all loved it.

The Lost Boys (1987)
Our generation loved the Supernatural/Adventure type of movie, like 'Monster Squad' and 'Fright Night'. However, 'Lost Boys' was the gem in that sub-genre. A woman, after a complicated divorce, moves back to her father's house in California with her kids, Michal and Sam. While Sam befriends a group of local geeks, Michael ends up getting involved with the local problem: a gang of vampires. And when Michael turns to the dark side, Sam and his new friends have to come to the rescue.

Lost Boys was a huge success and made the vampire stories popular among the young crowds. It shows being a vampire could actually be cool. Forget about the sequels! They are just very, very bad.

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