May 13, 2016

Heroes on TV: What's Coming Back

It's the end of the seasons for TV shows on American TV! The questions for Comic Book related shows fans is: What's coming back? Don't worry, dear reader, I'm here to clarify it all.

The good news is almost everything is coming back for a new season!!!

I said almost everything!


Status: Renewed for Season 5

Although Arrow's popularity has dropped down, the show still has a great fanbase, which allowed it to have another season. I just really hope the writers don't come with those boring flashbacks anymore.


Status: Unknown

Daredevil was the best take in a Marvel character in years, that's why a second season was announced as soon as they finished the first one. However, a third season doesn't seem to be anywhere close to Netflix plans, since it has a lot of other shows to prepare. These new shows will help pave the way to the great event, The Defenders, in which Daredevil will join forces with Jessica Jones, Iron-Fist, Luke Cage and, maybe, the Punisher. See the two seasons HERE.


Status: Renewed for Season 2

Legends may not be the best DC Comics' related show, but it's fun enough to be brought back for a second season. However, the best part of it, Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold, just announced he's not coming back as a main character.


Status: Renewed for Season 3

Flash is one of the best superheroes show. The first and second seasons mixed Drama and Comedy in a very entertaining way, which gave the shows good ratings and green light to the hero's new adventures.


Status: Renewed for Season 2

Against all odds, the show survived.


Status: Renewed for Season 3

Gotham started really bumpy, but managed to keep a steady second season thanks tho the 'rise of the villains' premise. Now it's time to see what the future holds for Bruce and Gordon's past!


Status: Renewed for Season 3

The audience has been captivated with this brain-eater-solving-crimes zombie and they're begging for more.


Status: Renewed for Season 2

Jessica Jones will have a new chance, but now we hope to see the hero using her powers to the most, since the trauma plot from the first season is done. Krysten Ritter has just said the show will be filmed along with The Defenders and both shows must be released at the same time. See Jessica Jones HERE.


Status: Renewed for Season 2

The sexy devil is coming back for more. It's good to see how much the show grew from the pilot to the season finale. Leaves us with a good taste for what's coming.


Status: Cancelled

Not only Peggy Carter died in the new Captain America movie, but she also died for TV after a weak Season 2. Is it the end of Hayley Atwell in the Marvel world? Probably yes, but only the future, or, in her case, the past, will tell.


Status: Renewed for Season 3

It's still underwhelming the fact the show doesn't interact with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it was supposed to, but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the best series on TV. We hope, as we always do, Tony Stark, or any other hero, stops by the base to say hi any time during the third season. Fingers crossed.


Status: Renewed for Season 2

I didn't see it coming. That was the best plot twist: CBS refused to give the show a better budget, so they moved to CW for Season 2. Now I hope they make it all a single universe and Supergirl can interact more with The Flash, since their meeting was one of the best moments of Season 1.


Status: Renewed for Season 7

Walking Dead needs to become a good show during next season to justify its renewal. We're not talking about ratings, but about plot. It's mostly the same: The group gets somewhere, there are bad guys and zombies there, someone dies... And the show only revolves around it. It's time to change!

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