May 17, 2016

DC Rebirth - What's New, Batman?

DC REBIRTH SPECIAL is only one week away, but you can already have some ideas of what's coming for Batman. The Dark Knight will essentially be the same, but DC will try to make his universe a little less confusing.

Remember that when the New 52 started Batman was target of controversy, due to his weird chronology? in the New 52 status quo Batman was only active for five years. However, he had enough time to train and develop four Robins. How come? They explained it was just a trainee position, an entry level for the vigilante world. Which, by the way, messed up all we knew about it!

Let's see what we know so far:

1 - Detective Comics is coming back to its original number. So, instead of a new #1, next June we'll see #934. Do I like it? I do! Detective Comics and Action Comics should've kept their original numbers in the New 52 relaunch.  Those comics are special for Geek community not only for introducing some of the best story arc for our heroes, but also for its longevity! They survived all the other comics that came after them and are still here!

2 - The new official Bat Team will be Batman and Batwoman (Yes... She's back) training the new generation of heroes: Red Robin (Tim Drake is even back to the red and green suit), Spoiler (Fans demanded, Stephanie Brown is mainstream now), Orphan (Cassandra Cain, in need of a new life after being raised to be the perfect killer) and Clayface (Can a villain be reshaped into a hero? That's what we are going to find out!).

3 - Batman's new obsession will be the Joker's past. He'll find out his secret identity soon and it will drive the Dark Knight into a journey to know, and try to figure out, who's the man under the bleached face.

4 - Gotham has a new protector. And his name is Gotham! Claiming to be city's new protector, he believes Batman is the real threat behind the city's problems and, young and idealistic, this new vigilante thinks he's got what it takes to save it from destruction.

5 - Terry McGinnis is back as Batman Beyond. How do I know that? Because Geoff Johns says DC Universe is turning back to what we loved most about it. And what we love more about Batman Beyond than Terry wearing the suit?

6 - Catwoman's back as Batman's enemy. The teaser for All Star Batman, that will have the Dark Knight facing his classic enemies, features Catwoman with The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face and Poison Ivy. I'm not sure I like it, I enjoyed her solo stories a lot. But I guess between having Selina or Batwoman as Bruce's helper, they decided for the latest.

7 - It's not the end for Duke Thomas. The infamous character from We Are Robin won't go anywhere after the end of the series. Actually, he'll be working with Batman (Not as a Robin, just to be clear) and will have a few solo adventures in the All Star title.

8 - Nightwing is back to the black and blue suit and will star in two titles: his solo one and The Titans! We'll see Dick as we love him: Fighting crime by himself and then joining forces with Donna Troy, Garth and Arsenal.

9 - Red Hood will have a new group of outlaws. Jason Todd's team is formed by Artemis and Bizarro, in a kind of reverse Trinity. This title is going to be, at least, curious!

10 - Damian Wayne, the official/current Robin, will be the leader of the Teen Titans. How will he get it? By kidnapping Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Kid Flash. Damian will force the heroes to help him in a hunt for his grandfather Ra's al Ghul. It sounds like fun to me!

Are you excited for Bat Family's new adventures?

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