May 29, 2016

Teen Titans Rebirth

The Teen Titans are coming back for the DC Rebirth event. This time Damian Wayne is the leader of the group. How does he get it? By kidnapping the other heroes and forcing them to join him in a journey to find Ras Al Ghul, his grandfather.

It seems that it's going to be a lot of fun for the team formed by Robin, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire. Possibly the new Superboy, Jon Kent, will join the group at a certain point. However, while the series is not released, let's take a look at the new approach for the characters:

We had seen his uniform before. It's still mysterious and aggressive, but with a hint of fun. Exactly how Damian is. I think it's a very cool Robin outfit, but not my favorite among all the Robins; Tim Drake is still the best one in the suit.

Did I love it? No. However it's far better that her New 52 horrible suit. This one at least emanates an idea of fear and darkness, very appropriated for Rachel Roth, a demon-human hybrid. 

Let me tell you, I think the silver and red uniform from the New 52 comics worked better with the character than the bright yellow. Now that the other Wally West is back, I think DC opted for a more classical approach of the suit to be true to the Kid Flash legacy.

Not the slutty suit from the Red Hood and the Outlaws, nor the girlie one she adopted right after. Now Starfire looks more like a real hero and artists even made her look younger, for her not to be so out of place in the series.

Back to basics. He looks young-ish, fun and still ready for action.

DC Rebirth - Wally West's New Suit

Read the Review for DC Universe Rebirth HERE.

After the events of Rebirth, Wally West, the red haired one we all know and love, is back to the DC Comics Universe and he will be an important piece in this new status quo. However, while the Titans Rebirth Special is not released, we have a first view of the new uniform. And it's great.

It's a Flash family uniform. The symbol is there, but in silver and not gold anymore. The suit itself is a perfect amalgam between the ones Wally wore as both Kid Flash and Flash. It's not known yet if he'll adopt a new alias since all his previous ones are already in use by other heroes.

What to expect from the Titans new series:

- Wally, the lost Titan, is back and he carries the truth about ten years of History that were taken from the heroes.

- The Titans will have a central role in the solving of this mystery. Numbers 1 to 6 of this new series will deal with the return of Wally and how it affects the team.

- Wally will work to get his (once) best friends to remember him. However, before that happens he has to gain their trust once again and prove he can be a hero.

- Besides Wally, the team will have Donna Troy, Nightwing, Arsenal, Lilith and Garth.

I have high expectations for this upcoming series. How about you?

May 28, 2016

DC Universe Rebirth - Review

I'm a huge DC Comics fan. I grew up with Superman and Batman stories. Gotham City and Metropolis were my refuge when real world was too tough to handle. As every DC admirer and/or follower, I was very disappointed with the whole New 52 reboot. First, all my favorite heroes had lost their identities. The storylines that helped build the characters' substance, suddenly, were not there anymore. Other characters, on the other hand, didn't even have a chance in this relaunch and were simply forgotten. They were gone without a proper goodbye. DC's fresh start came with a very bitter aftertaste.

Emblematic heroes like the Society of Justice and Wally West never existed in this new moment. Superman and the other heroes were only active for the previous five years. In this five years Superman had lost his adoptive parents and became a type of bully, while Batman had time to fully train four Robins (and Jason Todd even died and came back!!!). It was a big mess that was growing and growing until the point sales start dropping and dropping. That was when they decided they had to do something about it. A new reboot would be a mistake, we all agree with that. Geoff Johns came up with the idea to bring back everything that was loved about the DC Universe, but in a coherent way. Back to basics, let's put it that way. 

And then the Rebirth idea was developed.

DC Universe Rebirth Special is, all in all, a 80-page apology letter to fans. A mea culpa where DC accepts it made a mistake, but it's ready to correct it and needs the fans to come together in this journey. And you know what? They were just waiting for the proper invitation. This issue is everything a real DC fan was waiting for and, with no shadow of a doubt, the best DC Comics story in years. Geoff Johns wrote something that deserves to be called a masterpiece.

In the first pages a mysterious narrator is telling a story. At a certain point he says something that sums up all of our feelings: "...I love this world. But there's something missing.". The narrator is no other than pre-New 52 Wally West, who got stuck in the Speed Force and has been observing the world that totally forgot about him, while trying to find a way to come back. He tries to get help from Bruce Wayne, but it doesn't work as he expected. Thinking about his next move, he tells his story: A story of a whole universe he was part of, since he became Kid Flash, took part in the Teen Titans and eventually became the Flash, when Barry Allen died during the Crisis. A whole History that was lost, but he is working to bring back.

While Wally is trying to escape the Speed Force, that keeps pulling him back, to deliver a message, characters we believed were gone like Ray Palmer and Ted Kord, who now is going to act as the Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes' mentor, start showing up again. They were always there, in fact. Actually, everything was always there. Like the connection between Green Arrow and Black Canary who, during the whole New 52 run, were completely strange to each other even though they were married in the previous reality. Wally says that even though they live these new lives, every time they look at each there's a spark none of them is able to understand. Both of them feel they lost something precious, but cannot remember what. Wally himself misses Linda Park, the love of his life, and as he tries to get in touch with her... She doesn't know who he is, which is frustrating. He fights the Speed Force to try to talk to the ones he knows: Captain Boomerang, Victor Stone, Dick Grayson... Unsuccessfully.

As he loses his hope, he talks about his cousin... The black Wally West. Yes, there were always two Wally Wests, even in the pre-New 52 world, but only one of them was a speedster then. And talking about speedsters, Wally decides to find Barry Allen for a last goodbye since he realizes no one is able to remember him. And that's one of the most beautiful moments of this issue: It takes a while, but... Barry does remember him. And by remembering Wally he's able to pull him back from the Speed Force in one of the most emotional moments I've seen in a comic book. And with Wally back, Barry remembers everything that happened, but before he can blame himself, Wally tell him he's sure the Flashpoint event was not the responsible for what is going on with the heroes. Someone, something, is out there playing games with them, taking from them their memories, relationships and experiences to make them weak.

And that's when the epilogue shows us the one behind it all: Dr. Manhattan, from the Watchmen reality (only behind the scenes, though). Bringing those characters to the mainstream reality, I would say, was a a very bold move from DC. A bold move that blends perfectly with what's is about to happens (there's a huge plot to be developed throughout two years in all the new issues). Alan Moore's Watchmen is one of the most appreciated works in the comics existence, but it took place in a different world. Now they will be playing an important role for the new DC that is born; this time for both younger and older readers.

If you abandoned DC after the New 52 release or a little after you realize there was no way it would work, well, now is the time for you to come back home. DC Universe Rebirth is a great starting point.
And it is paving the way for an even better universe.

The cast of heroes for the new DC Comics


May 19, 2016

Meet The Flintstones!

The Flintstones are back!

Following the new Scooby-Doo series as an example, this new DC title is also not for kids.


When The Flintstones was first released, back in the 60's, it was used as an allegory to the American way of life, to criticize what was going on then. The world has changed a lot, it's true, but the pre-historical family, and all the Bedrock's citizens, can still be seen as mirrors to our society. And that's what DC is going to do!

Why do we get married? Why do we work more than we have fun? Why do our lives sometimes seem to be so meaningless? Well, the answer for those and other questions you'll find in the new Flintstones' title. In a delightful funny critical way, we'll see aspects of our daily routine through the point of views of the characters we love.

They are all going to be there: Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Dino, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. So, you'd better be there too!

Future Quest: Your Favorite Heroes Together

Have you ever imagined your favorite Saturday morning cartoon heroes together in a big adventure? Well, DC Comics did and that's what you're getting when you buy the 1st issue of Future Quest.


It's an epic adventure in the future with the Hanna-Barbera characters we love joining forces for the first time. When Johnny Quest and his adoptive brother Hadji make a discovery in the swamplands of Florida that put them in facing a dangerous villain with enough power to endanger the galaxy, the boys have no other option but to look for help. That's when Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Birdman, Frankenstein Jr., The Impossibles, The Galaxy Trio and Mightor come together to help defeat this menace. And what readers have is an unforgettable adventure, full of adrenaline, that will bring back your beloved childhood memories.


Scooby-Doo for Grown-Ups

As you may know Scooby-Doo is getting a new series. Not on TV this time. The comic book world is getting a new title with the meddling kids and their dog: Scooby-Doo Apocalypse. And the adventure is not for kids anymore.


In this new series, Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma are young adults who join forces once again. This time to face real supernatural beings and survive. The world is not the same: Apocalypse has happened and rules about logic do not apply anymore. To live, and survive, this new reality the team has to get on board of the new Mystery Machine and fight the new threats while looking for a safe haven.


It's a controversial approach on the characters. Jim Lee knew it when he designed the new idea and the first drafts for what it would be. However, he also knew the public that grew watching Scooby-Doo is not the same. It is the public that watch Walking Dead and Game of Thrones nowadays. He wanted us to feel the new vibe by putting the characters we love in a new, hostile environment. And, let's face it, Warner has been putting the character in worse situations! Just check on Scooby and Shaggy got a clue and Be cool, Scooby-Doo... It's just so bad! 

I just hope people enjoy this new concept! :-)

May 17, 2016

DC Comics Rebirth - Meet Supergirl

It's known DC is always ready to bring, or adapt, a formula, or character, that works on its TV Shows to the Comic Book's universe. Some of the examples are Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Chloe Sullivan. Now it's the time for Supergirl.

Ok, Supergirl was born in Action Comics #252 in 1959, I know. However, for the Rebirth relaunch, DC is using some aspects of Supergirl's critically acclaimed TV show (now with a second season ready to go in a new channel. See HERE).

After having her series, again, cancelled last year, Kara will have her 7th chance to impress readers. This time Supergirl will be working with the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) to defend National City. Now she'll have to balance her life as Kara Danvers, a high school student, and as a superhero, continuing the legacy of her cousin.

What we know so far is that some demons from her Kryptonian past will be back to haunt her and Kara will be facing some tough choices. The art for the character will bring her close to the actress Melissa Benoit's looks in the show. Just compare:

Are you ready for Supergirl's new adventures?

Batgirl Rebirth

Batgirl was one of the greatest successes of the New 52 relaunch. Although in the beginning people got a little upset with the end of Barbara Gordon's Oracle's career, since she was the poster girl for the disabled community. 

Honestly, I love Barbara a lot and even though I enjoyed Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, I believed Commissioner Gordon's daughter is the real suit owner. It was good to have her back and Gail Simone crafted some of the best stories the character has ever been to.

Was I happy when Simone left the title? No. Did I like what happened next? Kinda, sorta. Babs Tarr approach to Barbara turned her into a girl indeed. Her outfit was more like a real world vigilante suit and the stories left Simone's gloomy side. Although it gained in art approach, it lost a lot in plot. Batgirl of Burningside was designed for a young crowd and her debut selfie cover is already iconic. Was it enough for such an incredible character, though?

DC REBIRTH is here to correct the mistakes. It seems that, by taking Barbara out of Burningside, Batgirl's stories will have a more serious tone, although keeping the great art concept. Now Barbara will be backpacking in Asia, where she goes to recover from the Battle of Burningside. Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque will join forces to create intriguing plots, with an indie feel to it. And Barbara has another title to call her own.

The new title, Batgirl & the Birds of Prey, makes it clear who the star of the series is. There's a new criminal operating in Gotham and it took over Barbara's previous alias, Oracle. Batgirl needs the help of Black Canary and Huntress to face this new threat and although Babs is calling the shots, she'll learn Huntress has a temper and can't be tamed that easily.

Concept for Huntress and Black Canary

Are you ready for Batgirl's new adventures?

DC Rebirth - What's New, Batman?

DC REBIRTH SPECIAL is only one week away, but you can already have some ideas of what's coming for Batman. The Dark Knight will essentially be the same, but DC will try to make his universe a little less confusing.

Remember that when the New 52 started Batman was target of controversy, due to his weird chronology? in the New 52 status quo Batman was only active for five years. However, he had enough time to train and develop four Robins. How come? They explained it was just a trainee position, an entry level for the vigilante world. Which, by the way, messed up all we knew about it!

Let's see what we know so far:

1 - Detective Comics is coming back to its original number. So, instead of a new #1, next June we'll see #934. Do I like it? I do! Detective Comics and Action Comics should've kept their original numbers in the New 52 relaunch.  Those comics are special for Geek community not only for introducing some of the best story arc for our heroes, but also for its longevity! They survived all the other comics that came after them and are still here!

2 - The new official Bat Team will be Batman and Batwoman (Yes... She's back) training the new generation of heroes: Red Robin (Tim Drake is even back to the red and green suit), Spoiler (Fans demanded, Stephanie Brown is mainstream now), Orphan (Cassandra Cain, in need of a new life after being raised to be the perfect killer) and Clayface (Can a villain be reshaped into a hero? That's what we are going to find out!).

3 - Batman's new obsession will be the Joker's past. He'll find out his secret identity soon and it will drive the Dark Knight into a journey to know, and try to figure out, who's the man under the bleached face.

4 - Gotham has a new protector. And his name is Gotham! Claiming to be city's new protector, he believes Batman is the real threat behind the city's problems and, young and idealistic, this new vigilante thinks he's got what it takes to save it from destruction.

5 - Terry McGinnis is back as Batman Beyond. How do I know that? Because Geoff Johns says DC Universe is turning back to what we loved most about it. And what we love more about Batman Beyond than Terry wearing the suit?

6 - Catwoman's back as Batman's enemy. The teaser for All Star Batman, that will have the Dark Knight facing his classic enemies, features Catwoman with The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face and Poison Ivy. I'm not sure I like it, I enjoyed her solo stories a lot. But I guess between having Selina or Batwoman as Bruce's helper, they decided for the latest.

7 - It's not the end for Duke Thomas. The infamous character from We Are Robin won't go anywhere after the end of the series. Actually, he'll be working with Batman (Not as a Robin, just to be clear) and will have a few solo adventures in the All Star title.

8 - Nightwing is back to the black and blue suit and will star in two titles: his solo one and The Titans! We'll see Dick as we love him: Fighting crime by himself and then joining forces with Donna Troy, Garth and Arsenal.

9 - Red Hood will have a new group of outlaws. Jason Todd's team is formed by Artemis and Bizarro, in a kind of reverse Trinity. This title is going to be, at least, curious!

10 - Damian Wayne, the official/current Robin, will be the leader of the Teen Titans. How will he get it? By kidnapping Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Kid Flash. Damian will force the heroes to help him in a hunt for his grandfather Ra's al Ghul. It sounds like fun to me!

Are you excited for Bat Family's new adventures?