January 27, 2015

The redemption of Jennifer Aniston

The redemption of Jennifer Aniston


The awakening of an actress

Entertainment media seems to be surprised by Jennifer Aniston's Oscar snub. Critics say that, for her dramatic portrayal of a woman contemplating suicide in the movie 'Cake', Jennifer should definitely figure on the final list for Best Actress. I totally agree, but, you know what, why just now? Why does Jennifer need to be in a drama to have her potential as actress recognized?

Jennifer is known worldwide as Rachel Green, a character she played for ten years in the Sitcom Friends. We can say that, out of the main cast, she was the only one who managed to build a significant  career on the big screen. However, even taking chances in movies like 'The Object Of My Affection' and 'The Good Girl', it seems like Jennifer would feel more comfortable in comedies. She can easily portray the girl next door, the girl one would fall in love with, a psychopath, a housewife, and make you laugh. It's her gift. However, such a gift doesn't seem to be "appreciated" by the Academy, since it's far easier to get a nomination for a drama than for a comedy.

Jennifer, at least, is not alone in this boat. Just to name a few actresses (If I am to name actors, this entry would be huge!) that shone in comedies and deserved an Oscar  nomination: Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin for 'Big Business'; Whoopi Goldberg for 'Sister Act'; Nicole Kidman for 'To Die For'; Amy Adams for 'Enchanted'; Cameron Diaz for 'There's Something About Mary'; Nia Vardalos for 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'; Julia Roberts for 'Notting Hill'; Audrey Tautou for 'Amelie'... And so the list goes.

For being an actor for a short period of time in my life I can say something: It is far easier to be dramatic than to be comic. Comedy is about timing, about the intention, intonation and, more importantly, about charisma! That last ingredient  is the most difficult to achieve. I'm pretty sure you can think of a lot of actors who can't make comedy as you can think of a bunch of comical actors that would blow your mind in a dramatic perfomance. It is about time the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science recognize comedy perfomances. After all, more than 80 years after the first ceremony, keeping the same policy is a joke. A bad one, with no timing at all.

We can say that, with 'Cake', Jennifer redeems herself from the sin of being an awesome comedian; from being beautiful; from being the star of a well-succeeded sitcom. She finally has "proven" herself an actress!!! Because Hollywood can only accept you as a "real" actor if you can move the audience, if you can make them cry... Otherwise you're not an actor! You're just a comedian! You don't move anyone when you make people happy, or make them laugh... You're not an actor, my dear, I'm sorry to say that. You can maybe be a Chaplin, a Keaton, a Bryce... But an actor, only if you make them cry.

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