December 13, 2014

NYC scenes: Why don’t you move to L.A.?

Why don’t you move to L.A.?

         “So, why don’t you move to L.A.?”, Shelley asked me, lighting a cigarette in front of Latitude where we went for a few drinks after work, “I mean, fucking California it’s sunny most of the time, the men are half-naked, showing their goodies everywhere… NYC is done! This city is filthy! Filthy! Take a look around!”
      I did. 8th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen area, was not the most appealing view in Manhattan. Damn! It was past 1 a.m., almost December, and as cold as my father’s corpse and full of drunk people… How can it be a nice view?
     “When I came to New York, like, ten thousand years ago, actually eleven, this city was not like that. It’s a mess. It’s a fucking mess if you know what I mean. See the subway! Fucking MTA! The trains are always late! Always late!”
      I would say the subway system was one of the reasons I stayed here. You can go anywhere without a car. And let's face it, having a car in New York is not an easy, or cheap, task! And although it works quite well, nothing in the world is 100% trustable.
      “You’re a fucking writer! A helluva writer! You can write anywhere! Anywhere! You don’t need to stay here! I don’t know why you don’t move to L.A.!”
      It was freezing outside the bar and I don’t even smoke, but for a reason I was there listening to Shelley bitching about the city I love. Why don’t I move? Why don’t I move at all? Gee, I wouldn’t know! I’m not a sun person if you ask me. I’m more of a snow person. I don’t need to see people half-naked. I have enough porn on my cell phone! I like the well-dressed spirit that comes with wintertime.
      “You came from Brazil, like, two years ago?”, Fuck! Why couldn’t she smoke in silence?, “And I don’t believe you still think this is exciting. I mean, New York is overrated! You pay thirteen hundred to live in a walk-in closet! And you have to share it with a weird Asian girl names Fon Lin you met on Craig’s list! How can a person be happy?!!!!”
      I know rent is a nightmare in Manhattan. But just for people who are stupid enough to dare to live on the island with no rich parents to cover their backs! I live in Astoria. I have four roomies, that’s true, but I don’t need to share my bedroom with anyone. My own room, my own bed, more space than I actually need, and, best of all, very affordable.
     “And those people? And those people?!”, She said while a group of middle-easterns people were coming up the avenue in a loud chat, “Everyone here seems to speak a billion languages but English! The woman in the bodega can’t even understand when I ask for a coffee! I mean, what is so difficult about the word ‘coffee’? I asked for a coffee just the other day, she smiled, as clueless as my ass, and gave me some cough drops!”
     Well, I think that what makes NYC so enchanting. The “spice” “this people” bring! Overall, Americans here are too bland and cold. It is good to have some heat coming around every now and then.
       “Oh, I just don’t get it. I know, I know, you’re going to say we have ten thousand museums, a million Broadway shows… As if you had time to go to this shit often!”
      “So, Shelley, you tell me. Why don’t you move to L.A.? You gave me several reasons for leaving, but you’re staying, even though your company can transfer you to the west coast if you ask for it. So, why don’t you move to L.A.?”
      “Are you fucking nuts?”, She flicked the cigarette butt on the sidewalk, “I’m all messed up, I could never live anywhere else! And, after all, I love New York. It’s the only real place in the world!”

       There you go, case closed. That was the only time we agreed all night. As we went back to the heater in the bar she started talking about how lame Revenge was turning in its fourth season. She was never going to be silent anyways.

New York, 13/12/2014

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