December 29, 2014

Disney songs you probably don't know (Or remember)


Just think about it and I’m pretty sure your mind went to the movies you enjoy and a few catchy songs popped up in your mind. Am I right?

There’s no problem to admit it, we are in a world surrounded by Disney products and even if you never watched any of the movies, if a certain song is playing you would know for sure where it is from.

However, I’m not here to talk about Disney songs that are well known, but to talk about the ones you probably don’t remember (or know).

1. He Mele No (Lilo & Stich)
You don’t need to know anything about the movie, but as soon as you listen to it you know where it’s set. Its Hawaiian style is so beautiful and full of energy you just can’t take it out of your mind during the movie. At least until Winonna starts her ‘Burning Love’ cover.

2. Always know where you are (Treasure Planet)
Jim is a free-spirited young man and this song tells a lot about it. Unfortunately the commercial failure of the movie (I just can’t understand why) made its soundtrack one of the least known. The Goo Goo Dolls’ John Rzeznik did an excellent job with the songs he wrote for the movie. People should really give them a listen.

3. I won’t say I’m in love (Hercules)
Meg failed to become an official Disney Princess but at least her signature song is beautiful, showing the girl fighting to hide her feelings for Hercules. The guy was supposed to be just a job, but he was so pure Meg couldn’t help but falling.

4. Proud of your boy (Aladdin)
Let me say something: Disney producers, you were amazingly stupid for cutting this song from the movie. Alan Menken and late Howard Ashman made an incredible job with ‘Proud of Your Boy’, one of the only songs that have ever made me cry. It was shown on the DVD special edition and added to the Broadway production, where people could appreciate this masterpiece.

5. I’ll make a man out of you (Mulan)
While ‘Reflection’ is the most remembered song in Mulan, Li Shang’s act was left out of favorite lists. However, it's during this number that Mulan, disguised as Ping, becomes a real warrior, respected by everyone.

6. Just around the river bend (Pocahontas)
Pocahontas is really confused about her feelings when she performs this number, about a woman that doesn’t feel comfortable about being the same for her whole life.

7. Why should I worry? (Oliver & Company)
Billy Joel has a memorable performance as a wise street dog that’s got ‘street savoir-fare’.

8. He lives in you (The Lion King II)
The producers stupidity again! They cut this song from the original Lion King. This was supposed to be a number when Simba goes back home to have his kingdom back, after talking to Rafiki. They used the song in the sequel, however. The song was incorporated in the Broadway Production to correct the mistake. I just love Disney on Broadway!

9. God help the outcasts (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
This Esmeralda's number hurts inside your heart. She’s is stuck inside the cathedral and even though she’s not catholic she feels moved by the image of Saint Mary as she asks God to help the ones in need, such Quasimodo and her people.

10. Trashing the camp (Tarzan)
There are no lyrics for this song but the very melodic collaboration between Phil Collins and N’Sync makes this number impossible to resist.

11. Will the sun ever shine again? (Home on the range)
Another box-office flop that made its soundtrack almost unknown. This beautiful song about losing hope is fantastic.

12. Almost there (The Princess and the Frog)
I don’t know what’s the problem with Disney fans! They seem to ignore the existence of one of the best Disney Soundtracks ever! Tiana’s number about a girl who works hard to have her dreams come true is fantastic and Anika Noni Rose’s performance is flawless. Even though nominated for an Academy Award for best original song, most people don’t know it.

13. On my way (Brother Bear)
Everything about this movie is very beautiful. The drawings are amazing and Disney’s second collaboration with Phil Collins is another success. The cub Koda sings this song when he established himself as Kenai’s sidekick.

These are some of the Disney songs that I love and, if you didn’t know them, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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